Technology Association of Georgia President and CEO, Tino Mantella, gave a recent State of the Technology Industry report to the Buckhead Business Association.  Tech jobs in Georgia earn an average of $81,000, with the sector increasing by 16,000 employees to 260,000 in the past decade.  In that period, $2 billion was invested in such positions. Seven percent (7%) of Georgia’s gross domestic product is technology-related, with an aggregate annual economic impact of $113.1 billion.

With companies like AirWatch (a major provider of mobile device management, mobile application management and mobile content management solutions) bringing large numbers of jobs to the Atlanta area, Georgia has become one of the top five (5) technology employers in the U.S.  The healthcare IT and financial services technology sectors are particularly strong in Georgia (an impressive fact as to the latter is that fully seventy percent (70%) of payment processing transactions flow through the state).

An area for improvement in the state is the attraction and retention of venture capital resulting in technology jobs, where California continues to hold a dominant fifty-one percent (51%) of that funnel.  Organizations like Venture Atlanta are making strides in shoring that up, and there are many solid investment opportunities here.

Overall, a great place to be!

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