One of the resources provided here is an exploration of Internet innovation in Atlanta and Georgia. There was recently huge Atlanta news from world dominator Twitter. The mini-blogging behemoth recently crossed the 100 million user mark, with 230 million Tweets in any given day. With that kind of expansion comes some growing pains.

Generally, Georgia Internet Law is in favor of saving the whales, but applauds Twitter’s efforts to kill the “fail whale” users have seen when the social networking application cannot handle volume surges. To resolve that issue, Twitter needs to increase its speed and reliability on the East Coast, as its operations are centered in San Francisco. Other cloud computing service providers have addressed similar concerns by employing a bi-coastal strategy with facilities in key locations in each area. For example, Apple supplements its obvious California presence with a server farm in North Carolina. Greater proximity of hardware to the end-user equals greater speed.

Atlanta is home to the second-largest data center in the world, the 990,000 square-foot Metro Technology Center owned by Quality Technology Services, a provider known for allowing its tenants to increase their space and power allotments over time in a customer-friendly way.

Twitter announced it is going occupy a paltry 50,000 square feet in the facility (and likely invest only $100 million in hardware there), but let’s give them time to really make Atlanta home.

Here is an article on the Atlanta strategy from AllTwitter.

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